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Eknandan Scholarship - 2018

Ekanandan Scholarship was given to the students of Middle School, High School and PUC College on the 27th of August 2018 in the Auditorium. Mrs Ekanandan herself in spite of age constraint was humble enough to come and be a part of the program. The program began by invoking God’s blessings. Ms Elizabeth of the High School welcomed and introduced her to the gathering. Fr. Principal spoke wonderful words about the importance of this award and about the generosity and kindness of Mrs Ekanandan. Later the scholarship was distributed to all the deserving students. Children were very happy and grateful for the award. Mrs. Ekanandan spoke words of wisdom on how we need to take care of ourselves and not to plunge into water or underestimate the force of water specially during rainy season whenever we visit water bodies. Fr Rector in his presidential address appreciated the great gesture of Mrs. Ekanandan and invited the students to be generous in their life too.


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