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Just a Minute or JAM was conducted by the English Literary club on 14 September, 2017. The Pick and Speak event which was held on 31 August, 2017 was a preliminary round for the JAM.
Out of the 19 students who participated in the Pick and Speak, our judges short listed 6 contestants for the JAM, Jai Shruthi of I PCME, Owaise Imdad of II PCMB A, Ankitha Suresh of II MSBA, Vaishnavi .V of II HEPyS, Nagamokshitha of I MSBA and Arya Murlidharan of II PCMC to battle it out in the auditorium. The event was conducted by Fr. Felix Victor, who gave the participants various interesting topics on which they had to speak.
Arya Murlidharan of II PCMC won the first place, Ankitha Suresh of II MSBA won the second place and Owaise Imdad of II PCMB 'A' won the third place in the event. The winners were presented with gift vouchers from BookWorm.


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