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The annual event of the NSS Club is SPARSHA. This year, SPARSHA was special and significant as it is the Decennial year of the PU College. Besides this, SPARSHA 2K16was dedicated to St Mother Teresa who is revered as an Icon of Mercy and Compassion and canonized recently as Saint by the Universal Catholic Church.

Keeping the objective of SPARSHA which is to touch lives and spread smiles, it was planned to reach out to the poor and needy children of Vijapura, Karnataka. The NSS volunteers unanimously chose Vijapura as it is also a mission station of the Karnntaka Jesuits. It was a golden opportunity for the students of SJICPUC to join hands with the Jesuits of Vijapurain their effort to help the least, lost and last individuals residing in the slums, orphanages and hospitals of Vijapura.

An appeal was made to the students & staff to raise funds for the cause. The response was overwhelming as we successfully raised over ₹ 1, 00,000 in a short span of time. Students claimed to utilize this chance, to spread the Christmas cheer among the children at Vijapura and also help them begin the New Year 2017 on a happy note.

30 volunteers which included 24 students and 6 staff were selected to be ambassadors of SPARSHA 2K16 to Vijapura. The three-day visit to Vijapura was an eye-opener for the volunteers to the yeoman service rendered by the Bijapur Jesuits in the slums, educational institutes, orphanages and hospitals managed or aided by them. NSS volunteers interacted with numerous children and adults to understand the life, problems and needs of the poor in Vijapura. Cultural programmes and games helped happiness and laughter spread among the children. Sports equipment were gifted to the Bijapur Mission to help students play for recreation and also improve their sporting talents.

NSS volunteers felt that three days at Vijapura were times of sheer joy and satisfaction for having reached out to the deprived and for making a small difference in the livesof many. On our return to Bangalore, SJICPUCians all shouted out in glee that SPARSHA 2K16 indeed “touched lives and spread smiles”.



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