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Student Council Election

The Student Council is a body of students comprising two class representatives from each class and the elected council members. The committee consists of Mr P Bonny Aloysius (co-ordinator),
Ms Mary Shiyona, Mr Jitendra Mewara, and Ms Rosanna.

The Student Council Election was held on 17 June 2017. It started off with the “BIG FIGHT” held in the quadrangle in which the candidates contesting for the posts of President, Cultural Secretary and Sports Secretary faced the whole college in an effort to win votes in their favour. There was an expert panel who gave the candidates tough and tricky questions to answer.

This was followed by the formal voting procedure. SJICPUC is proud to be one of the PU colleges in the city that uses EVMs for the Student Council Elections, giving its students the power of voting even before they can exercise their universal adult franchise. Out of the four candidates for each category, Arya Muralidharan was elected President, Alex Johnson – Vice President, Akhil Maneesh and Aswitha Sajeev – Cultural Secretaries, Jeevagan and Bhavishya – Sports Secretaries.


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