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Student Orientation

The Student Orientation program was conducted over a period of two days on the first and second of June 2016. Br Joel, Br Mervin and Br Suman undertook the journey of leading the students through issues of leadership, familial and friendship bonds, values and inspirations to help them navigate the maze that is life. The students were drawn in by Brother Joel’s enthusiasm and humour, Brother Mervin’s songs and Brother Suman’s games. Inspiring tales of leadership of renowned personalities from across the globe and of people amidst ourselves were brought to the fore in an attempt to understand the responsibilities that accompany a leader. Brother Suman addressed questions of contemporary relevance as he spoke of an increasing dependence on technology with specific reference to WhatsApp and Facebook. The three resource persons used substantial audio visual aid that further enraptured their audience. In all, it was a fruitful two days that marked the beginning of this academic year.


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