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Seminar on Media

Fr.George Sebastian’s seminar on mediating through a media saturated culture was held on 24 th and 25 th of June 2016.Staff from both the PU College and the Middle School participated actively in this interactive session.Fr Sebastian’s presentation addressed issue of media meuteality, objectification of the human body, Media as a tool for learning and the various ways in which representations figure on/off screen to attract their target audience. The two-day session allowed for a lot of personal introspection, reflection and sharing of the various ways in which media seems to have a greater impact on the minds of the student than we as teachers. Another idea that came about was to also look at media as another text, reading it with a critical eye instead of assuming its authenticity. Fr.Sebastians extensive research and love for dialogue made this session an eye opener for all of us who conveniently blamed all the distractions on TV and the internet.


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