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Ankura – 2016

Ankura 2016 – Combine, Compete and Create the annual cultural and literary intramural fest was conducted in the month of November. It was declared open on the 4 November, 2016 by Rev Fr Sunith Prabhu SJ, the Director of St Joseph’s Indian Composite PU College. The co-ordinator of this event was Dr. Indresh M .

Ankura comprised of 21 off-stage events, 11 club activities and 5 on-stage events in which more than 2306 students participated. Ankura’16 culminated with a grand finale on 25 November2016, which was inaugurated by Mr. Sundar Raj , Kannada actor and theatre personality.

Ankura’16 also brought out a stunning performance by the college band, a theme song titled ‘Combine, Compete and Create – a journey in Ankura’; which was composed by the same group. Ankura’16 has indeed proven again the immense potential that the institution has. May this spirit always lead the institution to greater heights.


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