Science lab

Chemistry Lab
A place that develops innate futuristic atmosphere, that echoes in many Josephites in their search into various fields. Two spacious well-equipped labs to accommodate 35 students in a batch that create a road map for students graduating every year. Well qualified and skilled staff empowers the students to respond with maximum volatility.

Physics Lab
A well-equipped lab, spacious enough to accommodate about 35 students at time. An excellent training ground for problem solving, technological u nderstanding of the subject through experiments, taught by a panel of expert teachers.

Biology Lab
The lab is well maintained with state-of-the-art facilities.LCD projectors , Bio-visual aids, models, preserved specimens, optical instruments and permanent slides provide the students with a better understanding of Basic Biological Concepts.

Electronics Lab
With modern and latest equipment, the lab accommodates about 35 students in a batch. Building on the core models of electronics, the students are efficiently trained to achieve expertise.

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