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Student Council Election

The student council election was held on 30 June 2018. It was headed by the committee comprising of Mr Anthony Lucas (Co-ordinator), Mr Kiran O.V, Ms Saritha Roshan and Ms Neha Agarwala. The venue of the event was quadrangle.

The event started with the ‘Big Fight’ where the candidates nominated for the various posts in the student council were given 2 minutes to convince their fellow Josephites to vote in favour of them. The candidates explained the purpose of their candidature. Following this, the expert panel comprising of three members asked the candidates certain questions each.

Following this, all the students assembled in the respective classrooms to cast their votes. Every classroom had two teachers (even three) to monitor that the voting procedure goes on smoothly and fairly. The election was done using the ballot box voting system. Every student was given a ballot paper with the names and photographs of the candidates and they had to cast their votes by ticking next to the name of the candidate of their choice. The counting of the votes was done in front of the entire class by the polling officers. The whole election procedure was tried to be kept as transparent as possible.

The total votes were tallied and the results were announced in the quadrangle where all the classes had assembled post voting. The presidential post was given to Shreya S, the vice president post secured by Amruth M. Richard Samuel and Bhavana V were nominated as the cultural secretaries. Shivani S and Vineet D R were selected for the post of sports secretaries. The whole election procedure went on smoothly and was successful.


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