Leadership Programme - 2023

August 18, 2023

The Student Council Body of 54 members attended a two-day leadership program organized by the college on the 18th and 19th of September 2023. A total of four sessions were conducted on various aspects of leadership, to instill and develop various leadership skills among the students. The first session was led by Mr. Martin Charles Micheal, an alumnus of our college. He spoke about the various qualities of a good leader. The second session was held by Mr. Vinod Joseph, the student council coordinator. The students were introduced to different leadership styles like Democratic, Autocratic, Laissez-faire, Transformational, Transactional, visionary leadership, etc. Day two of the leadership program started with an interactive session held by the Principal, Mr. Vinod Amrithraj. The topic of the session was challenges faced by the student council leaders, this was followed by l well-crafted session by the Vice Principal, Dr. Flora D'souza. The session made the students introspect their journey as leaders in the past few days helping them to realize their strengths and weaknesses. Also, students were made to understand their roles and responsibilities as student council members.