Interact Club 2020-2021

August 03, 2020

Interact clubs bring together young minds towards realizing their roles and responsibilities in contributing to the society effectively. Also to develop their inter personal and intra personal relationships while discovering their leadership qualities and power to plan and implement effective strategies in enabling service oriented projects that cater to the needs of the needy.
Interact clubs organize at least to projects every year, one that helps their institution or community and one that promotes international understanding. The rotary club would sponsor the projects conducted by the interactors, guiding them as well as equipping the right point of contact to plan and execute their ideas inn reaching the target population for effective implementation of the designed projects.
St. Joseph's Indian Composite Pre-University College’s Interact Club (Bangalore) officially identified its office bearers by 3rd August, 2020 where the office bearers attended several virtual meetings through Zoom Application. The Interact Club is guided by Ms. Bhagya U S, Department of Sociology, SJICPUC.
Below mentioned students are the office bearers for the academic year 2020-2021.
Srushti Sharma Secretary
Shakthi N, Treasurer
Avaneesh Pramod ,Sergeant of Arms
Syed Khalid Ahmed, International Service Director
Varuni Krishna, Community Service Director,
Ben Nicholus Tarun, Club Service Director,