June 03, 2023

It's a welcomed gift to encourage others to achieve greatness. The SJICPUC hosted the formal inauguration of the second PUC on June 3, 2023. At a formal celebration held to commemorate the start of the academic year, at least 900 students were present. The program's objectives were to motivate young people to achieve success in their academics and extracurricular pursuits, motivate others, and reach new heights. The ceremony began with the college anthem, followed by the invocation dance and a prayer session employing sacred texts, with the goals of faith and toil. The Dignatories, who are the main personalities of the program, were greeted with a sapling. The Director and Rector addressed the students after the new staff members were introduced during the ceremonial event. Certificates were granted to the highest scorers in the PUC final examination that was held in 2022-2023. And the II PUC college top scorers from Science- Mr. Sanju, Commerce- Ms. Thrisha, and Arts- Mr. Yashovardhan, who were the pride of the college (2023), were also handed souvenirs. One method for stimulating the development of young minds is appreciation.