Freshers' Day

June 20, 2023

Freshers' Day was conducted on 20th June, 2023 in SJIPS auditorium at 9:00 am. All the 1st puc students were in attendance in the presence of all the teachers. Master Sagnik from II CEBA B and Miss Caroline A from II PCMB A were the masters of the ceremony. Jayawanth Chandra JRVP from II PCME initiated the program with a prayer service. This was followed by a dance by the second Puc dance team. The theatre club performed a skit depicting the rules of the college. The 1st year students were engaged by the second-year students with interactive games. The cultural program ended with an ice-breaker from the 2nd year students. The program culminated with a reply from Arpitha Bharadwaj of I SEBA and a vote of thanks by Anush of II PCMB A.